Green Consultant’s Have Many Shades of Green

There is a clear trend emerging and it is Green. The most powerful and cost-effective ways to “go green” are not always obvious. American consumers eager to correct their energy-wasting ways and create a more environmentally friendly home can now hire a green consultant.

The green consultant is an expert in one or more areas dealing with ecology and sustainability. He or she may specialize in green cleaning and household management, green building, green design, green consumerism, green parenting or pet care, etc. Green consulting companies can help a home/business lower its ecological footprint. They can help your home/business run at peak performance for efficiency, lower maintenance and decrease your environmental impact. Green consultants put together an action plan by analyzing their environmental strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, a home or business may be using a lot more energy than necessary for heating because of a lack of weather-stripping. A green home or business uses less energy, water and natural resources. In addition it creates less waste and is healthier and more comfortable for it’s inhabitants. Going green is the process of businesses and households adopting eco-practices into their daily operations or lifestyles. Green homes and businesses improve comfort and health by reducing allergies and asthma through excellent indoor air quality and eliminating mold and mildew.

One particularly big sector of green consulting in recent years has built up around the LEED certification
system. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System was created by the US Green Building Council, and acts as a rating service for homes and buildings to let outsiders know how well the buildings rank in terms of various sustainability. The LEED system has become the most widely-recognized rating system for homes and buildings, and many are looking at building new structures aim for one of the various levels of ranking. Green consulting firms that specialize in LEED can help these home owners or businesses make design decisions to gain the highest ranking they can.

We recognize that being green means different things to different people, so green consultants work with you to set green goals that meet the specific needs of your business or household within your budget. In evaluating your day-to-day operations or lifestyle, green consultants can provide ongoing, personalized direction toward a more sustainable work or home environment. Ready to create an eco-lifestyle but don’t have time to investigate and implement green solutions? Green Consultants can make it simple. They can create easy customized step-by-step plans for sustainable living so you and the planet can benefit. There Are Many Shades of Green-What Shade will you be?

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